Privacy Policy

Nall Builders’ Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988(Cwth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (“APP’s”) Nall Builders (“NB”) Privacy Policy (which may be amended periodically) states:

  1. NB collects personal information from prospective or actual clients (the “client”) over the Internet, by telephone or facsimile, by post or in person for the purposes of:
    1. Communicating with the client in relation to NB Services to give information, provide quotations, enter into contracts with clients (“projects”), manage projects, advise about matters relating to projects, or direct marketing.
    2. Facilitating NB’s communications with 3rd parties in order to comply with its legal obligations relating to projects, including (but not limited to) the QBCC about insurance for the client or in response to lawful requests from it, the ATO, private certifiers, engineers, architects, local authorities and statutory authorities, and financial institutions.
  2. The kinds of personal information may include name, personal and work address, contact phone and fax numbers, email addresses, name of financial institution and other information which is reasonably necessary or required for carrying out projects, and as far as possible will only be obtained from the particular client.
  3. Personal information is stored in paper and electronic format in files and data bases and is maintained securely and accurately and NB will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate and complete by periodically checking with the client.
  4. The client may request NB in writing or email for the personal information stored by NB to be provided to the client (which will be provided within 7 days) and for NB to correct any errors in the personal information which will be corrected within 7 days.
  5. Any complaint about a possible breach of an APP by NB should be made in writing (including email) to the Business Manager who will respond within 7 days by correcting the breach or explaining why NB has not breached an APP.
  6. NB will not disclose personal information otherwise than identified in this policy without the client’s written consent, and no personal information is intended to be disclosed outside Australia.
  7. If the client is communicating with NB for the purposes of receiving information, the client can deal anonymously or pseudonymously with NB.
  8. If a client provides personal information which has not been requested by NB, NB will check whether it requires that information for projects, and if not, it will destroy the information (or part thereof that is not required).
  9. If a client does not provide the personal information required by NB, the client may not receive a quotation from NB or be unable to enter into a binding contract with NB.
  10. If a client has consented to the use of personal information for direct marketing and then decides to withdraw it, the client can advise NB in writing (including email) that it no longer consents, and NB will cease direct marketing to the client.

If you have any queries or wish to contact us, please write to us at Nall Builders, 9 WATERLOT ST MOOROOKA QLD 4105, telephone  0419 657 2960419 657 296 or email

In providing personal information to NB over the Internet the client thereby consents for NB to store and use the information in accordance with NB’s Privacy Policy (the “consent”). Otherwise the client’s signature below signifies the consent.